Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween!

It was a much better day today.  The buyers agreed to the terms of us fixing a couple of things on the house and not giving them any money, and we picked up hubby's car.

I didn't get much done today, as we went to Target to pick up some girl stuff for me, then we went home and hubby took a nap until we picked up his car.  Then it was pretty much time for the trick or treaters to come, so we settled in and watched all the Halloween episodes of Buffy on Netflix.  Then we watched Catching Fire to prepare for next month when Mockingjay Part 1 comes out.  It really made me think of the book, and I think I need to reread the series before the movie.

I decided unofficially to do the drinking game where you do a shot every time you get an Elsa trick or treater, but I saw exactly zero Frozen characters all night.  I'm so not ready to go back to work tomorrow, but I hope I can get up in time to get a little grocery shopping done before work.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Car Troubles

I woke up with a raging headache and didn't want to go anywhere.  It didn't go away, but only got worse when Hubby took his car in to find out that the radiator was cracked, there was a busted strut, and the tires and shocks needed replacing.   It came to $3, we don't have because he's out of a job.  He was going to have trouble paying the mortgage that was less than half that.

To add insult to injury, the buyer for the house wants $5,000 for repairs.  There is nothing in the house to repair, everything the home inspection stated that the only things wrong were cosmetic. There was one crack in the wall to fix due to the house settling, and that was it.  The one crack was listed three times in the report because the man literally had nothing else to put in the report.

We said we wouldn't pay them any money, but fix most of the things on the list.  Hubby is going to get started on it tomorrow, but he is going to have to go back to my mom's soon and get a job to pay for this day until we can unload this house.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Thanks Dad

I woke up feeling refreshed, then fear struck my heart.  I never feel refreshed, so something must be wrong.  I looked at the clock and my alarm had not gone off.  I should have left the house a half hour before I woke up.  I swore, got up and scrambled out the door.  I called to say that I was going to be late, and I looked a hot mess.

Though it was 8:30, the roads were clear.  Though I had to walk 4 blocks to get to the classroom, I made it with a minute to spare.  My father was famous for this kind of thing.  He would always walk into an airport and magically make it just as they were about to shut the doors.  He'd sit down at the movie theater just as the movie was starting, in a seat magically in the right place.  I was never that lucky until today.

I think it was just my dad with me today, giving me his good luck.  Thanks Dad!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Stranger Danger

Day 2 of this class. I'm really starting to understand how this system works and feeling good about it. I walked back to work after class and a guy stopped me to ask about the hoodie I was wearing from my hometown.

He had taught at my university (or so he said l, he was carrying two large suitcases around downtown with no particular place to go) and he basically said how good my hometown was and how the current town we were in was soul sucking. He asked if I was starting there, and I told a complete stranger I was going home soon. 

Monday, October 27, 2014

Case of the Mondays

Boy it was an early day. The class, however, was fascinating. I  don't think it's exactly right for our company, but it's really interesting. 

I stayed after work for an hour to check in on different projects, then took rush hour traffic home. Hubby and I went to Chili's of all places for dinner. Outback was packed and we didn't have much choice. 

The inspector came by the house today and didn't find anything major. Now we are just waiting for the underwriter. 

It's only 10 PM, but I'm ready to go to sleep. 

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Dreading the Early Morning

Laying down still feels nicer than standing or sitting up, but I don't feel like I'm losing any energy.  I guess this is really how it feels to be...normal.

The house inspector is coming to look at the house tomorrow, and they were putting up the earnest money today.  Things are happening fast and then slow, but either way I hope it doesn't blow up in our face and we end up having to put the house back on the market.

My friend G keeps saying to keep the faith and everything will eventually work out.  I called him naive and told him that we can't keep paying the mortgage with faith and hope.  I just like preparing for the worst and hoping for the best.  I'm a realist, and things don't magically happen for everyone.

I have to get up very early tomorrow for my three day training.  Being somewhere by 8:30 AM is something I haven't done for a long time.  I hope this spurt of energy holds out until my weekend.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Not....Paying For It Yet

I woke up feeling a little sore, but mostly period pain.  My back hurts from walking around with these big boobs all day, but I really don't feel 1/3 as bad as I thought I was going to.

I made it through work, although I did fall asleep for a minute on a love sac during my lunch instead of eating.  Maybe because I went ahead and did something for myself that I really needed to do, I feel a little piece of mind.  Yesterday was a perfect day that I'm never going to regret.  I got some amazing clothes, including some leggings from H&M that I totally wore as pants today, but with a really long shirt.  Hubby had to hem it for me, because I'm about a half a foot shorter than the normal population.  He had to take 5.5 inches off.

Getting back into work was a little stressful, as I had many stupid things to do.  I'll have more work with someone tomorrow, but after working all day and listening to the music festival going across the street, I decided to head home a half hour early.  Not because I'm tired, but because I want to beat the traffic.

Maybe I'll feel like crap tomorrow.  I guess we'll see!

Friday, October 24, 2014

Day Trip Made

Today was honestly an amazing day.  The longest good day I've had in a very long time.  We left at 6AM, and didn't get home until 2 AM.  I drove both ways, and we walked around the fashion district for hours, and around a good sized mall for 2 hours after that. 

I had energy the whole day, even though it was hot.  I stayed hydrated and had energy drinks, but I felt so good all day.  I kept in good spirits, it was like I had been granted one amazing day of energy.  I just know I'll be paying for it tomorrow, but I'm so glad I went and had a good time.  I bought so many clothes, including an Andy Warhol sweatshirt that will fast become my favorite piece of clothing.

My period started around mid-day, about a week early.  I've got to get to an OBGYN.

Thursday, October 23, 2014


I spent the whole day pseudo-resting because I know I have to drive eight hours tomorrow, With someone whom I've never road tripped with before and it's going to be stressful.

We are two very strong personalities and it's going to really be a battle. I keep saying to myself I'm going to have fun and I'm going to regret it if I don't make this trip, and I'm right.  But I also have to calm down and just have fun, and not to  overthink  everything  like I usually do.

Having hypothyroidism really hinders my energy level in such a way that I do have to mentally prepare myself for the exhaustion to come. I just had two shots of Jaeger and hopefully that's enough to get me to sleep.

Let me have fun tomorrow.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Working Too Hard

Yet another 1.5 hour meeting today, and another hour of scheduling meetings.  I'm just glad it is my Friday and I can focus on going to the Fashion District with a friendworker (co-friend?) on the real Friday. 

She was laughing at me because I was over-scheduling what would happen on our day trip.  It is just my last time I'll be able to do a quick four hour drive to that city, which has become one of my favorites. 

Of course I went home and forgot about more work stuff so I had to shoot off more work emails before going to bed.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

We Have No Bananas Meetings Today

My day of rest from work.  No meetings today, but the anticipation of meetings is always looming in the distance.

Monday, October 20, 2014

New Offers, A Door Closes

Hubby's friend has continued to drink, so his wife has thrown him out of the house.  He's not taking calls from anyone, and hasn't shown up to work yet.

The offer we had on the house lapsed because they couldn't get their money in on time.  However, another order came in and it is a little better loan, so we still might be out earlier.  This process is taking a longer time than I thought it would.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Time Lords

I had to make some time to meet with our "Time Lords" to schedule out all these meetings for work.  I feel bad because I'm making all these meetings ahead of time because I'll be out next a class learning how to lead some of the meetings.  I'm doing this for my resume, but I don't want to get up early next week.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Easy Like Saturday Morning

I'm really liking the fact that Saturday is my Monday.  Saturday is such an easy day at work, it's slow and there are not a lot of annoying people there.  I'm glad that I've got some slow days in with my hectic life right now.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Offer #1

3 sets of people came by to see the house today, and we got our first official offer of 185 against our 199.  We are going to counter with 195 and see where it goes.

I was at odds with my emotions for the rest of the day.  There are too many variables to worry about, but I attempted to worry about them all.  Hubby is going to stay for a few more days just in case this goes through and we have to move out soon.  I already sort of miss having the house to myself.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Early Bird Gets the Investor

A guy came by early to critique the house. Turns out his client is just looking for an investment. He said he'd write up a proposal today, but we never heard from him.

We went to see Gone Girl in the afternoon/evening. Great movie, and not how I expected it to go. 

I feel like I already have no time to myself anymore. 

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Homecoming Part 2

The couple that came to see the house were nice, and Jewish I think. They arrived late but were nice. As soon they left we took a couple of minutes and then left to go shopping. They were still in the street talking about the house, which I'm taking as a good sign.

I noticed something odd about the people coming to see the house. They seem to resemble their Realtors. Maybe I'm naive, but do people really go out of their way to find a realtor that matches their own race? Now dozens of people have come, and only two had a realtor not of their own race. 

Is an odd question to ask they?

Tuesday, October 14, 2014


Hubby got his friend to go to a rehab facility, and they placed him on a 72 hour hold. Since he couldn't do anything else there, he came home to me. He got home right before I came home from work, and we had to go to sleep right away since we were showing the house early.

Monday, October 13, 2014


The hubby got a call from his best fried today, and he's having a nervous breakdown. So he got in his car and drove 6 hours and stayed overnight. He is hoping to get him into a rehab facility tomorrow morning.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Double Time

I'm not sure, but I think it was a gay couple that came by to see the house this morning.  They were really nice, and said that the house was decorated really nicely.  Maybe they were just being polite, but they did stay in the driveway for awhile after leaving the house.  Hopefully they want to make an offer.

I reported back to the realtor, who said that she had someone else who wanted to come at 2:00.  That lady was looking into buying a third home for her family coming from Hawaii.  She was unimpressed with our small bedroom, saying her 25 year old wouldn't like it.  I told her she should tell him to get his own place and stop mooching.  She was a little cranky about that, so I don't think she'll be making an offer.

At work I finally got Wednesday off so I just need to hang on a couple more days.

A friend has been posting some videos from college that made me nostalgic, and I started talking to an old friend back home.  She said they might be hiring for a bank call center for $14 an hour with bonuses.  She is going to get me the information tomorrow.

I talked with Hubby after I got out of work, and he thinks he might be able to take care of all of our bills with a $14 an hour job.  We are going to make a list of what we pay and see if it is something that we will be able to do.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

If I Stay is done, and so is Where She Went

I couldn't sleep last night, so I ended up finishing "If I Stay".  Then I made the mistake of starting the sequel, and I couldn't put it down until I made myself at 2 AM.  I had an appointment for someone to see the house at 10:00-11:00 AM, so I didn't end up getting much sleep.  I was ready at 10, sat down on my couch to wait, and finished off the whole book in an hour.  The sequel was so much better that the first book, although I suppose the first book was pretty good too.  Overall I'm just thrilled that I have time to read again.

The people never showed up, so I texted my realtor and they are actually due to come tomorrow.  There is nothing I want more than to sleep in at this point.

It was my new shift today, and it was a little hard to stay until midnight.  I still wasn't able to go to sleep until 2 AM.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Ack, My Bones!

The concert was a lot of fun, and it was so nice reconnecting with my friend.  I'll miss her so much when I'm gone, she's one of those people you always wish does well.  She's so unsure of herself and self conscious, when she's really just awesome.  She's one of those people that deserves all the happiness in the world.

My body did not keep up with my head last night, and my feet and lower back were hurting by the time that the opener was finished.  I was feeling it hardcore today, and it was one of the only times since I've given up painkillers that I really wanted one.  I rode it out though, and was actually feeling much better by the end of the day.  I'm certainly going to try and get my future children to go homeopathic rather than have them swallow a pill every time they get a skinned knee.

Even though I was in pain, it was so busy that I didn't notice too much and the day went by quickly.  A co-worker asked about Hubby, and I had to say that he was away indefinitely.  She thought we were getting a divorce.  I told her I'd explain it to her away from prying eyes and ears.  Sadly she left when I was at lunch so I didn't get to let her know.  I'll fill her in tomorrow.

Thursday, October 09, 2014

Going to Bed Angry

Someone wanted to see the house at 9:30 this morning, so I was up early and didn't get much sleep because I knew I needed to get up early.  Psyching myself out for sleep is the cornerstone upon which my existence is based.

The couple came with their obnoxious realtor who turned on every light switch she could find.  The couple was nice and brought their adorable toddler.  They were in and out in 7 minutes, and they were the first couple that was on time.

I had yet another meeting to run today at work.  I was so tired, and yawned basically all night.  I did have another meeting where I went over my peer review, which actually went really really well.  I did better than I ever have, and it made me feel like maybe they would miss me when I was gone.  I told another coworker about my plan, and she was supportive but sad to see me go.

An awesome co-worker started a collaborative Spotify playlist for our section, so we had a lot of fun adding to the list.  I added Rave On by Buddy Holly, but didn't get to hear it played. Just like Johnny Rocket's jukebox, I guess it came on while I was in the bathroom.  The co-worker who started the playlist texted me as I got home to say that he had never heard of Buddy Holly before and enjoyed the song.  Maybe he was blowing smoke up my ass, but it was really cool of him to comment on it and say he liked it.

I was damn near falling asleep when I got off of work, luckily Hubby called me to keep me awake on my drive home.  Sadly the connection was bad, and the conversation came around to the mistake that he had made with the whole situation, as we are worried that the house isn't selling.  His battery started to die so we got off the phone.  I wasn't tired anymore, but angry.

So now I'm sitting here watching Project Runway because I'm too angry to sleep.

Tuesday, October 07, 2014

I Couldn't Help But Wonder

I woke up essentially single this morning.  It was cloudy, so my first instinct was to stay in bed.  I trusted my first instinct and looked up the singer that my friend and I are going to see tonight.  She'd put on Facebook that she wanted to go, and it was only $5.00.  The singer is an Irish Rockabilly type who recorded a song on the 2011 Buddy Holly tribute album.  Newly faux-single, I embraced going out to see my friend who shares a name with a Sex and the City character.

I fully embraced that this day was my own, and stayed in bed reading until 12:30.  Then I got out of my PJs, into an oversized t-shirt, and went downstairs for breakfast.  Fully embracing my Carrie Bradshaw, I didn't care about walking around barefoot in my house making breakfast without any hurry.  This must be how she felt, without thinking about it being special.

As I flipped on the channel to see SaTC playing, I couldn't help but we just romanticize whatever we don't happen to have in our lives at that moment?

Monday, October 06, 2014

Antisocialism times Two

Hubby left early this morning, and left a big mess in his wake.  He took his desktop computer with him, and hasn't cleaned up behind it in forever, apparently.  I spent most of the morning cleaning his man cave, then showed the house at 4.  The people actually showed up only 15 minutes late, which was shocking to me.  Most people show up 20 minutes late or not at all.

I was a little worried that the neighbors across the way were going to block my driveway with their Uhaul all day, but they moved it in time for the people to arrive to see the house.  I'm not sure why they blocked my driveway instead of their own, but they don't look like the smartest people anyway.

Around 10 PM I took out the garbage and saw the neighbors in the middle of our cul-du-sac staring at the ring around the moon.  When they saw my garage door go up they ran into their house like I was coming at them with a gun.  By the time I had it to the curb they were back in their house with the garage door down.  Howdy to you too, neighbors.  God forbid you actually have to speak to a stranger.  There is nothing like people running from you to make you feel like you don't have a single friend in this town.

This is why I'm leaving.

Sunday, October 05, 2014

Pizza Doesn't Keep You Warm at Night

I tried my hardest to get off of work early, but it just wasn't in the cards.  Hubby had been so nice the past couple of days, and even popped a pizza into the oven when I left work.  He had stressed himself out all day packing the car, and didn't seem comfortable with leaving.

I tried to reassure him that this was the right thing to do, hanging around town wasn't doing anything for us financially.  However, it's going to be lonely.

Saturday, October 04, 2014

Almost Alone

I'm starting to get lonely already as Hubby's leave day approaches. I'm not sure when/if he's coming back, so the endless span of time is stretching out before me.

Being an introvert, this time both excites and terrifies me. Of course If we could just sell the house sooner that would be better. 

Friday, October 03, 2014

Get Gone

I woke up today feeling like I had been hit by a truck. I don't know if this is female related, getting old related, or flu shot related. All I know is that Hubby is still hanging around the house without a job, mom is giving me guilt about that, and all I can do is just go to work and come home.

I've been trying to adjust my attitude and driving in anticipation for the move lately. It's resulted in dirty looks and me being cut off in traffic 5 times in the span of a minute. It's been 10 years here ignoring people on the street and in traffic. I hadn't realized how much I had changed who I am in order to protect myself. 

Thursday, October 02, 2014

Meeting Fatigue

Don't they say that going to too many meetings is not a good thing? I feel like that is completely gone out the window.

I met with some Co workers for breakfast in the morning, then we had another company wide meeting today that lasted four hours. Right before breakfast I started my vodka party yet again. Something has to be going on, and I guess it's time to take this back to an OBGYN. 

 It was held in the theater with painfully uncomfortable chairs. So uncomfortable by the end of the four hours I felt like I was about 85 years old. After getting home Hubby wanted to go out to eat. In the end it was out the door around 9 AM and didn't get home until 9 PM. It was an exhausting day.

I just hope tomorrow both causes of the pain goes away. 

Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Shot Through The Heart

No one warned me how much pain I would be in after that shot. I don't know if she managed to get me right in the muscle or they are all this bad. Just like clockwork everyone is touching me on the arm or giving me a punch in the arm. Not a hard one but it doesn't have to be that hard to cause me pain.

The Internet said that heat is good so I've been using my heating pad for most of the day and night. 

The Internet also says that some people are in pain for weeks afterwards. I really hope I'm not one of those people.