Monday, May 23, 2011


I went to get my blood test and see where my thyroid was.  Everyone I've talked to said that it would take at least a year before anything would happen for me, and to just be patient.  Everyone told me this so much, in fact, that I called and left a message with the doctor to just call me and let me know when they'd called my new prescription into the pharmacy and I'd go pick it up.

I got a message back from one of the nurses to call her.  I didn't understand why she just didn't call in the prescription and leave me a message.  After an entire day of playing phone tag, she finally called me when I was able to answer the phone.

"So, your level is at a 2.(something).  You're fine.  You can keep taking what you are taking."  I was shocked.  I had no idea how to respond, because so far I'd felt no improvement.  Sure, my limbs weren't losing circulation the way they used to, and it felt like the depression was gone, but I associated that mostly with being able to work again, and having such amazing co-workers.  But, apparently, something that took everyone else years to accomplish, I'd gotten in 6 weeks.

"I don't feel any different.  I still have no energy, and I haven't lost any weight." I told her.  She responded with give it a couple of weeks, and make an appointment if nothing had changed.  Maybe it was something else, she said.  I don't want anything else wrong with me.  I just want people to stop asking me when I'm due.

Then the last week of training at work, something happened that just happened to take place beside me, and I almost lost my job.  I can't get into it, it's far too convoluted, but it made me think I might not want to be at this company.  They were asking things of me that compromised my integrity.  They also basically made me dance like a monkey for them in order to keep my job.  Then they told me that I had to tell my new supervisor the whole story, as part of my punishment.  I'm still waiting for the Scarlett "A" that I'll need to sew onto all my clothes.

My new crew doesn't seem like this, which makes me pray it was an isolated incident with those particular supervisors.  I really need the money, and the emotional support.