Friday, March 30, 2007

Mime Language

"So this is low key Tuesday at the club." I thought to myself as Mischa and I strolled through the restaurant and upstairs to the smaller room they had opened for dancing that night.

We were there for the promoter of the club's birthday, so we had access to the "exclusive table" of the night. Because it was his birthday, there were a lot of people in that tiny area; it was literally shoulder to shoulder.

Wading through the crowd, we found a mutual friend and watched her drunken antics for a few minutes. Then she looked over Mischa to someone behind her, and yelled "Look behind you, say hi!"

Behind us was a guy that Mischa met for coffee once and he never called again. It was unmemorable, but occasionally they saw each other at these gatherings. Mischa turned around, tapped on his shoulder, and gave him a casual wave.

I watched this encounter, and fully expected him to wave back at her, then go back to his conversation. What actually happened blew my mind. He looked at her, and gave her the most disgusted look I've ever see anyone give someone else (that wasn't in the movies). You would've thought that Mischa had offered to give him a venereal disease, it was that bad. He even waved her off with his hand like she was a dog.

Shocked, I looked from him to Mischa, and she had the same look that I must've had on my face, which was utter shock. We both looked over at "Drunken Mutual Friend" only to see that she was completely trashed and not paying attention. "Did you see that?" Mischa asked her, and see said "What? I didn't see anything."

I looked back at Mischa, who was back looking at me, and then we looked back at him. He was back to his conversation and ignoring the face that any one even existed. I looked back at Mischa, still shocked, and she was looking back at me. Then we both started to laugh at the situation, and the fact that we just got ourselves out of a Three Stooges routine.

A few minutes later, when a drunk girl decided that I should be dancing and threw both her and her dates drinks at my feet, we decided that it was time to head home.

We had only stayed about 20 minutes. Later, in the car, Mischa was trying to describe the look she got from that guy, and suddenly hit on it; "He totally just said 'fuck you' in Mime!"

Monday, March 05, 2007

Adios, Motherf(*&^

Zeet plopped down on the couch next to me with a giddy look on his face. "Wanna see what my new apartment looks like?"

I matched his enthusiasm and said "Sure! Show me!" He told me what the name of the apartment complex was and we typed it into Google. We took a look at the Virtual Tour, where he pointed out the waterfall in the pool with glee. I had to admit it looked quite pleasant, and I joked that I would be over at his pool more than I would actually see him.

I was excited for him, and we talked about what room he would have, and how much rent was going to be, and about his new roommates. I didn't really worry about him leaving yet, I assumed he was going to move into the new apartment in April like we had discussed when he moved in.

A few nights ago Lover Boy informed me that he planned on moving as early as next week. This was something that I hadn't emotionally prepared myself for. I was infinitely more sad than I thought I would be.

I know that it's for the best. We didn't have enough room for him to move anything in but his computer and his clothes, so I'm sure he was never comfortable with us. He always felt like a guest and not like he was at home. I'm sure LB and Zeet's friendship has been strained by his paying us to stay here. It will be best for him to move into his new apartment.

But I'm really going to miss having an instant friend that I could stay up all night and talk with. LB just isn't a big talker, and I love long, drawn out conversations. I enjoy discussing every aspect of something until I feel I've talked all sides to death. I really don't have anyone else to do that with but Zeet. I'll him profoundly for that. He's mostly LB's friend, and we'll never really have time to hang out alone after he moves out. LB will get to see him at work, but Zeet and I will never go out and see a movie or go out for coffee. I'll likely never see him again unless there is a group party.

Zeet filled a hole that had been empty for a long time. Now I have to prepare myself for that hole to return. He hasn't even left yet, but I can feel the crater already forming.