Thursday, January 29, 2015

January 2014 Summary

First Week:  Well, it's nice that I lost around 5 pounds during the course of the year.  I also seems to get deathly sick every January.  "I just need to prepare myself for the town it has turned into, rather than the town it was 10 years ago." I'm still getting used to that.  My love for Tim Gunn has never wavered. My sister's cat is still a pain in the ass.

Second Week: I wish my period was late.  It seems it is always early now.  I still have "Her" on my Amazon Wish list.  I'm glad that G and I got our friendship back after a short time.  People still expect me to be the one that drives everywhere, and it still kinda pisses me off.  I'm glad I don't have cubicle mates anymore.

Third Week: I still love dirty martinis.  I don't even remember Under the Gunn, which I guess says something about why there was no season 2.  Melrose Place was a hellva show.

Fourth Week: Awkward that a sweet text from a friend is someone I never speak to again weeks later.  I can count the times I've had quinoa on one hand.  I should have it more often I guess.  I'm still mad about how expensive Disneyland is.  I'm not getting headaches as often anymore, which is good.  I am having more soda than I ever did, which is bad.  I've got to stop that.

Takeaway from this month would be that I knew exactly what I was getting into with my decision.

Tuesday, January 06, 2015


I started to look over my project, and true to form I actually failed this project.  June 13th is missing.  And August 29th. Oh yeah, and October 9th.  So, first impression is I'm a big fat failure.  Makes me want to just give up on my Instagram project this year.