Sunday, October 14, 2012

A Word about STFU Parents

In the past few weeks the author of STFU Parents outed herself on the Rickie Lake show. She's written about the responses she's been getting, and it's overwhelming how much fire she's come under because of this.

She's being very diplomatic about this whole thing, because if I were her I'd bring up the fact that she doesn't make this shit up.  Parents; you are driving people crazy, and you refuse to take responsibility for the fact that you honest think we care what your kid's poop looks like!

Are you even thinking about that kid's future?  All this stuff is online forever, so your kid's bathtime photo is now available to every potential employer and spouse.  Nothing is sacred anymore, and you are taking away your child's right to privacy on the most basic level.  You are also teaching them that nothing is sacred and grooming them to be fodder on the playground as well as giving their full name out to those creeps that shouldn't be on the playground.

An occasional picture of them fully clothed and poop free is just fine, but know that every time someone Googles your child's name that picture is shown.

And don't blame STFU Parents for having this blog because she doesn't have a child.  That is the weakest excuse I've ever heard.  Someone told her she'll really appreciate the online community she'll have when she has kids.  THAT IS SO NOT EVEN THE POINT.  She gets submissions (she doesn't troll for them at all) from Social Media, not websites solely dedicated to babies and all their poopy goodness.  She's never stated she was against social forums for that kind of thing.  In fact, this week no one has allowed her to say much at all.  She's just being yelled at that she's jealous because she is "childless."

On a personal note, I enjoy the crap (literally) out of her site.  And it's possible that I am not physically able  to have children.  So everyone telling her that she'll change when she has kids...makes me think how hurtful everyone is being if she is in the same boat.  Everything they are saying about being a great mom community is shot to hell with the statements they've been making.

Everything you do has consequences, as I'm sure this post will for me.  But I accept that.

Thursday, October 04, 2012

P Diddy

I bought new lip balm to wear when I go to sleep so I don't get chapped lips, not realizing it was actually colored a cotton candy pink.

I realized that with my black roots coming into my blonde hair, with my pink lips....she might wake up feeling like P Diddy, but I wake up looking like Ke$ha.