Sunday, May 16, 2010

Cabin Fever

I got shin splints from using my Shape-Ups and playing Just Dance on the Wii.  I woke up on Monday and noticed my legs were really sore, so I went to work and didn't work out that day.  Then they felt worse the next day, and the next, and I had no idea what was going on.

It took my co-worker mentioning shin splints to me on Thursday for me to get it.  I looked it up on WebMd, and that's what I had.  I iced my leg Thursday and Friday night, spent all day Saturday video editing with a friend and keeping my foot elevated the whole time.  I didn't work out all week, nor did I even go anywhere, so I have this massive cabin fever.

Sadly, my leg still hurts to walk on.  One thing WebMd didn't tell me was how long this lasts.  Either way, it seems things like this always happen.  I go to work out to lose some weight, and end up on the couch for a week.  It's like someone out there wants me to be fat and unhappy.  Ugh.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Comment Whore

I got a comment on the other blog today.  It was nice, and it was from a stranger.  Betty White who?

I feel better now. :-)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Or, you could, you a friend.

I made another blog purely for professional reasons.  My awesome cousin who freelances for a living was giving me tips on what to do to get more jobs, and one was to have a blog that looked popular.  She said "get it on twitter, get a fanpage for Facebook, stumble it, digg it, get it out there."

So I did.

I asked my friends to get the word out on Facebook, so I could at least have a fair amount of people on it as fans so that the widget would look good.  They didn't really do it.  After months of trying to get it out there, I've gotten a grand-ass total of 28 people.  I don't know 3 of those people.  The rest are people I invited.

So I'm mad today, because on Monday my friend decided to make a "Get Betty White on Glee" and she already has over 200 people.  Where were all those effing people when I needed hits to my blog?

I'm just glad I have this blog to complain to without worrying about updating it on Twitter and Facebook.  This is my sanctuary.

Saturday, May 08, 2010

Deepest Desire or Worst Nightmare

This week my dreams have been particularly vivid.  Last night's emotional torment took an all-time high.

In my dream I started out in a bottom floor of a building.  Lover Boy took me to an escalator and told me we were going up.

I took a few steps up before I realized that there were no sides, and it seemed to stretch on forever.  Of course it also narrowed as it went up as well.  My heart started racing and I dropped to my knees.  As soon as I can't see where it began, nor where it seems to end, it breaks down.  I look down into the abyss and start to panic.  I can't go down, and I can't bring myself to keep climbing up, even though Lover Boy is a few steps ahead, tapping his foot impatiently.

After a little while I finally get the nerve to move, or more scoot, up the escalator until I reached the top, which was a huge house.  Sadly, because it had taken me so long to get there, we had squatters.  The people actually consisted of friends I had had in elementary school, and a few cousins I hated.

I found my mom and complained that she didn't take care of anything while I was away, and now all these people I used to be friends with are there trashing it!  She told me I was being too mean and I should let everyone live there.  It was bonkers.

But I still woke up with that feeling I was stuck on the elevator, too scared to look down, and too scared to look up.