Sunday, October 01, 2006

Funny, I Don't Feel Secure

Sadly, the 1st class line and the wheelchair access line merge into one before going through security. This is the line I need to be in as well, so I’m walking through the wheelchair line when out of nowhere a man comes from the 1st class line and cuts me off. I, being sleep deprived and crappy, come *thisclose* to telling him to get the hell out of my way, but then I just let it go. What’s one more guy in front of me?

Then a guy who uses the excuse, “Well, I’m with him so I need to get in front of you” shoves me from behind. I’m so shocked by his gall I almost hit him, but because I have to spend at least 15 more minutes with these guys, I just bite my lip. I’ll laugh when I get to see the holes in their socks…well, at least their geeky ass socks.

Then they take like 45 seconds going through their bag trying to find their tickets and their identification. They JUST had them at the last checkpoint. Somewhere along the stretch of 10 feet they lost their boarding passes. But they had to be in front of me! For one glorious moment I went into revenge fantasy land and kicked them both square in the face, told them they didn’t deserve first class, and then cut in front of them.

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